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Digitalization is so much more than presenting your content on a content delivery platform.

Digitalization means structured content, created in a well-defined and quality assured information process, configurated and integrated into different systems and delivered to a content delivery platform to reach the end user, whether it's a machine or a human. Together we analyze your need and customize a workshop for digitalization projects.

We create and provide you with different guidelines customized to meet your needs. E.g. guidelines to define the content in information objects. Together with you we will structure and organize your content so that the information is user friendly and reusable for different purposes.

We are your fast and efficient sounding-board both before and after investments that concern information.

Together we analyze and map the flow of information within your company. We provide guidance among standards and directives.

We can help you get quality assured and efficient workflows.

We provide you with guidance and support you with practical contributions whenever you introduce new tools and methods. An example is synchronization of correct data between technical documentation and business systems, market communication and after sales. We can help you with:

  • Project Management
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Systems Integration
  • Customizations
  • Layouts


Training and Workshops

With our help you can own and administer your information.

By choosing our courses and workshops you will learn how to restructure your information and how to get quality assured and efficient workflows.

You will get a sound, stable and lasting information structure.

We can also customize courses for your needs.

Some of the courses and workshops that we offer:

Introduction to CCMS

Introduction to Implementing a CCMS

Analysis and Structuring workshop

Information Flow and Information Process workshop

Classification workshop

SCHEMA ST4 User Training


Component Content Management System

Content Delivery

Digital Asset Management

Product Information Management

Customer Success Stories


"Interdoc's consultants are content strategy experts, and their information architects and solution engineers has guided and supported us in different projects where we lacked the expertise ourselves.

They have helped us in different digitalization projects and in optimizing our information structure.

Recently we have worked a lot with classifying our information and the training we received from Interdoc has been invaluable."

- Helena Daleskog, Manager, Technical Information Services, Epiroc


"When we were about to replace our old editorial system (CCMS), for managing and publishing regulations (digitally and on paper), we chose Interdoc Consultants and SCHEMA ST4.

The engineers at Interdoc have helped us to switch from an old self-developed XML structure to a standard product with a few special customizations and helped us get started with automated workflows.

This has made the work process more efficient, safer and less person-dependent. We are incredibly satisfied!"

- David Nylund, Head of Publishing, FAR


"Up until 2017 SKOV A/S used MS Word for our technical documentation. An increasing number of document variants and language versions made it clear to us that we needed to change the way we worked.
During our evaluation of different tools, we luckily got in touch with Interdoc Consultants. They helped us analyze our requirements and processes.

We got off to a good start after a workshop with Interdoc Consultants. We worked together to get ST4 setup according to our needs and to get the structure just right. Working with SCHEMA ST4 made it very important for us to have get a good understanding of the metadata required for optimizing content reuse. After just a week we were ready to start restructuring our content to make it more reusable and consistent and in January 2018 we were able to publish the first smaller ST4 documents.

Today we can handle twice the number of document variants and keep up with update of all languages. Interdoc Consultants are still supporting us from time to time whenever we need to sharpen the pen. They are always ready to support us in troubleshooting and to offer advice on best practices and process improvements."

- Kirsten Møller Nielsen, Manager, Technical Documentation, SKOV A/S

About Us

Interdoc was created in 1996 by Christer Bengtsson. Since then the company has grown, both in number of employees and customers. After nearly 25 years behind the steering wheel, Christer handed over the CEO post to his son Daniel.

Interdoc is a company with a big heart. We care for our customers and will gladly have a close and long-term relation with them.

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